About Us

Owned and run by brothers Jake and Dylan Duberville, Duberville Logging has been serving the eastern Upper Peninsula since 2004. We’re a customer-focused, responsible forestry company and have a great love for both our forests and our U.P. heritage.

Jake’s passion for the forests and strong work ethic were what led him and his brothers to start Duberville Logging. Jake takes care of the business side of things, managing the paperwork, customer service, and buying the timber. When he’s out in the woods, you’ll find him operating the forwarder - picking up and sorting the logs into piles, ready to be hauled away by the logging trucks. Jake lives in Curtis with his wife Amelia and their eight children.

Dylan works out in the woods operating the processor, doing the actual cutting and processing of the trees. He has a background in machinery and takes care of equipment maintenance. He's a creative thinker and his outside-the-box solutions have helped Duberville Logging grow and thrive. Dylan lives in McMillan with his wife Jessie and their two girls.